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We make
web work!

Web & media design


Nothing memorizes as quickly as an unmistakable look. Even before a text was read, a link was clicked, we have already formed our opinion. The first impression lasts just 2.6 seconds on average! This is what a study by the Missouri University of Science and Technology says about the average visitor of a website. In a few moments, it is important to convince in the long term and to captivate visitors sustainably.

We design everything you need for this: Your new logo, striking style elements, catchy color palettes, cleverly combined typography – until in the end everything is where it should be and looks the way it should.

Content management systems

WordPress & WooCommerce

Today, a good content management system is the basis for most websites to always stay up to date. And this applies not only to content that can be updated quickly and conveniently, but also in terms of security updates. From our point of view, WordPress has established itself here as a system of first choice. With its worldwide developer community and thousands of modular plugins, WordPress is always up to date. Thanks to WooCommerce, implementing an online shop is also no problem – so nothing stands in the way of a lucrative online presence.

We set up your new CMS, maintain your existing one, update it, check the compatibility of all plugins, insert content and close security gaps. We create and configure your online shop and actively support you in managing it.

Frontend coding

HTML 5 / CSS 3 / Javascript

Not every requirement can be met with standard solutions. Sometimes the on-board resources of a CMS and its plugins are not enough or you have a very special, individual idea regarding the presentation, user guidance or interactivity of an online presence. Maybe you don’t have a CMS at all, but a “handwritten“ page, a JavaScript tool or a game you want to change?

We create your solution for you – from the idea to the perfectly staged, personal solution. From updates of existing codes to new features to complex advertising game – interactivity on all fronts.

Support of your website


You already have an internet presence, but no one to keep it up to date? Is there new content to be added  or has there been a technical problem over time that needs to be fixed? Is it time to modernize the content or even develop a completely new feature for an ideal presentation? Or have you heard of this fabled GDPR directive and now worry that your site no longer meets the requirements of the EU?

We support your online presence sustainably and ensure that your site continues to offer all the information your customers are looking for and meets current technical and legal requirements.