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Geby Koopmans has worked successfully in the music industry for a long time and is now pursuing her passion of accompanying other singers to express themselves vocally / artistically freely and powerfully with great joy!

Print medium, mouthpiece of the region and social media brand. THE NEW INSIDER is all of these things, but above all it is one thing: close to the reader, interactive and completely independent in its reporting about Osnabrück. Your city never sleeps!

AS LONG AS IT’S BLACK is a blogazine for those who find inspiration, joy and beauty in the darkness they seek in music, art, fashion, literature, places and other people.

WOODSHED STUDIO is a professional recording, mixing and mastering studio in the countryside near Landshut. The concept behind WOODSHED STUDIO is to lock yourself away for a while in a quiet and cozy place – so that musicians can fully concentrate on their art and music.

Audio data contain a wealth of hidden information. audio annotate offer automated audio analysis to facilitate processes in a wide variety of work areas, to optimize workflows or to recognize specific situations.

Some investors are guided by fundamentals, others by macroeconomic, structural or technical indications. The brains behind dcorr use quantitative methods and machine learning for a holistic view of styles to identify which works at which time in which market.

Paste paper, dribbles, crumbled paper, stenciled paper, title label paper and paper in mixed techniques. In addition: Decorated book binding linen! Standard or special production. According to historical models or freely designed. In any desired edition from one to infinite. Exclusively with materials made in preservation quality.

Do you have a childcare crisis? Experienced, loving, cheerful and committed, the childcare Achern with life experience and experience in social interaction with children is there for your little ones, even at short notice and short-term. It offers lovingly furnished rooms suitable for children and a large garden for free play.

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